3 Tips to Stay on Track with your Fitness Goals

3 Tips to Stay on Track with your Fitness Goals

We are all guilty of setting fitness goals at the beginning of the year and then BAM!  Summer hits and all hell breaks loose.  Invitations to parties, summer vacations, barbecues (and more) take over all will power and suddenly cocktails become  the priority.  Who doesn’t love a cocktail on a patio followed by wine at home, or with friends?

How many excuses did you tell yourself this summer? How about, “I’ll start as soon as I get back from vacation,” or, “I have this event this weekend, that event next weekend, so I’ll start back up after that,” or, “I don’t look that bad in this bathing suit.”  The excuses are endless, but I have to ask: Why do we work out for summer and forget the rest of the year?

This year I set the goal to find my best body.  Not because I don’t love the one I’m in (because I do) but I want to see my abs!  I started off the year strong, then I had a few trips in spring that knocked me off my game.  In July, I found myself slipping down the summery slope and I was not feeling my best.  So I got a little pissed off and decided to make a change. If you’re in a similar spot, read on.  Its about to get real.


First you have to decide that working on your health and fitness is a priority.  It has to be  so clear in your mind that you want to succeed in this area of your life that anything that gets in your way is the ultimate enemy!  In a fashion context, you know when you see a purse that you’ll stop at nothing to have.  You’ll drive to four different places to get it, or fight the girl that just grabbed the last one? That’s the kind of conviction you want to have.  All-in!


In July, I started working out with Alicia (middle) and Mitra (on the left.)  Two other influencers that were feeling the same way I was.  Sick and tired and ready to work on changing the way we felt.  We motivated each other to get out of bed and workout. Sometimes together, sometimes not. We all wanted the same thing and we pushed each other to stay on track.

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Caution: Do not align yourself to Suzy Sabbotagers who say they are committed to their fitness goals but tempt you to do things that take you further way from yours. (Like go for coffee and a pastry instead of going on your run.) Once in a while is ok, but remember your priorities!  People will hold you back, sometimes unknowingly but its your responsibility to stay committed.  So find people that will motivate you and you will see results faster.


In a world with countless fitness options, its can be very frustrating to start working out.  Get curious and try new things, you don’t know what might become your newest addiction.  That’s right, exercise you love is like crack for your body.  You will actually be motivated to do it.  Not because you have to, but because you want to.  I spend my time running, weight lifting, doing yoga and indulging in my latest obsession, SoulCycle.

SoulCycle, fitness, spin, cycle, exercise

SoulCycle (a trendy spin studio) opened a Vancouver location in August and I attended their media event.  It was love at first spin, which is crazy because I’ve not traditionally been into spin classes. I had been to other facilities before and never returned because the classes are too intense, but SoulCycle (offering the same challenging workout) makes it more than just working out.  You show up thinking ‘I’m going to get a killer workout,’ and leave getting a killer workout, but also feeling connected to your soul.  Taking whatever stress, challenge, you have in your life and leaving it on the floor.  Literally, in a puddle.

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SoulCycle is a place you show up to push through your fitness goals but also your mental blocks. Want to feel superhuman when you finish working out?  Go to SoulCycle.  Every class is a new experience and I love how my body and mind have shifted as a result.  The best part is SoulCycle is a community.  It feels like home and you always feel welcome (at all fitness levels.)  When I was in New York, I attended three classes and had the exact same experience.  Its safe to say, it’s ride or die for me now!

SoulCycle, fitness, spin, exercise

Daniela is the SoulCycle instructor I spend most of time with because she does a lot of early morning classes.  She not only pushes me to work harder, but also challenges me to dig deep into what’s going on inside my head.  I can’t tell you how many times I have left class ugly crying because she tapped into my soul, reigniting/inspiring the fire that already existed within and helping me push further.  I am all for efficiency.  Working out plus reaching goals = winning at life.

I am super passionate about SoulCycle, but if spin isn’t for you, don’t stop searching for the exercise that motivates you.  TRY NEW THINGS!


Change doesn’t happen overnight.  If you are just starting, take each day as it comes.  You may have cheat days, or miss a workout, but know that you can start again.  The more consistent you are, the sooner you will see results and create healthy habits.  Don’t beat yourself up, life is too short.  Enjoy the process!

Keep your eyes open for another post to help you stay on track with your nutrition!


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