Welcome to JEYLA LOVES!


A little bit of everything! As a person that really enjoys the experience of life, you will see my travels, fashion obsessions, beauty goodness, lifestyle content, and life hacks to help you deliberately create the life of your dreams! Everything I love! I’m a little sassy, direct, and pay attention to details, so check in regularly to see what’s new!


Funny story. My name is actually Jennifer; however, most people call me JEYLA now.  Had I known I would have gained traction, I would have picked something cuter, but here we are. As one of the millions of Jennifer’s in the world, I was frequently called J-LO, Jenni from the block (you know the reference I am sure.) Anyone will tell you that when you start a blog, the most challenging thing to do is pick a name….unless you use your own – but mine is boring. Sooooo, I literally adapted J-LO by one vowel/creative spelling, and voila…JEYLA was born. Between you, and me….my Instagram started as Princess Jeyla, because it was kind of like Princess Leia. Yes, I am a nerd. Welcome to my blog.


I am a trailblazer, creator, and adventurer experiencing life one day at a time. I carry a deep passion for life/people, and LOVE to push through personal conditioning and  limitations to deliberately create what I desire.  My life has been a big adventure, one I am so grateful for. I call myself a “rule breaking life designer,” because I learned a long time ago that I create everything….so I dream a little bigger, walk down different paths, and follow my soul. I’ve seen so much of what I desired come into fruition living this way, and I want to inspire people to learn how to convert their dreams into reality without resistance. Life is more delicious that way!

I hope you enjoy, and I look forward to getting to know you!