Creating Perfect Beach Waves

At the end of June, a couple of girlfriends, and I took a trip to San Diego, California in search of sun, fun, and waves!  As an all blogger-babe group, we spent a lot of our time changing up our looks and adventuring out to find the best spots to shoot our summer styles.


I am a big fan of California’s easy, breezy fashion and effortless looking tousled hair, but I have never been able to master the perfect beach wave.   Hot and humid weather makes me look like I just stuck my finger in an electrical socket and I find myself having to re-curl which is super hard on my hair.  The struggle was real until I found the ultimate beach wave secret ingredient, EVA NYC’s’ Surf’s Up Texture Spray! Insert happy dance.  Want to know the best part?  Its under $20, so its a must for the summer.


Achieving my volume-boosted, perfect beach waves (its easier than you think):

  1. Start with clean hair and blow dry until the hair is no longer wet.  I pay special attention to lifting my hair at the roots and blasting heat into the area to create more volume.
  2. Grab your favourite curling tool.  I use a 1″ curling rod, but if you are more comfortable with flat iron curls, use the method that works best for you.
  3. Curl all of your hair.  I curl my hair pretty close to my root as the weight of my hair pulls them out but you can curl closer to the end for a more subtle wave. IMPORTANT!!! let the curls cool before you run your fingers through them.  This promotes a greater hold!
  4. Pull out the curls.  Run your fingers through your hair, play with the curls, loosen them up.
  5. Spray EVA NYC’s Surf’s Up Texture Spray at your root and then all over your hair.  This product will create volume, hold your style in place and create that matted, beach wave look that lasts forever.


Where to get EVA NYC’s Surf’s Up Texture Spray:

  • Shop Online at: EVA NYC
  • In-store, or online at your local CVS
  • Online or In-store at your local UltaBeauty supplier


Happy styling!


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