End of Summer Days with Ford

End of Summer Days with Ford

The end of the summer has come and gone but I am struggling to let go of my summer dresses.  I mean, do I have to?

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While fall offers many great things like layered fashion, pumpkin spiced lattes and an excuse to Netflix more, I wanna bring back summer!  I’m not ready for Christmas.  #thisismebeingdramatic

Lets rewind to August.  I spent a lot of time on my fitness and planning my fashion month activities.  I made some new friends playing beach volleyball, went hiking (a lot) and read an entire book (it’s been a while.)  What book you ask?  You are a Badass: A Guide to Stop Doubting Your Greatness.  It was such a great read and I highly recommend if you are looking for a personal super power boost.

Ford Canada also leant me a beautiful 2017 Ford Edge Titanium to drive around for a week!  This was great timing for a few reasons: 1) I may have scratched someone’s car and needed to have it fixed.  Not good at backing into parking stalls I guess. 2) I had a lot of projects to shoot before my trip.  3)  I had a lot of last minute things to pick up before my trip. 4) Mostly, it helped me get ready for my trip. Thanks Ford Canada!  You made my life a lot easier (you have no idea.)

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The Edge Titanium is so fun to drive.  It has a sporty look, a killer stereo system, and the seats the feel like sofas.  I was also surprised on how great it was on gas.  My favourite feature are the front seats that have the option of warming AND cooling!  It felt like absolute luxury to drive the Edge and I really miss it!

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OK, I’ve had some time to re-live summer.  Sigh.  Keep in touch as I will be sharing some news on my fitness journey and fashion month experiences!

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