3 Tips for setting New Years Resolutions you can ACTUALLY keep.

At the start of a new year, it seems that our feeds and conversations revolve around resolutions.  We set goals and wipe the slate clean with hopes that we make-up for our shortfalls in the prior year and reach for new dreams in the new year.  You know the drill.  You join a gym (cuz they have a SALE)!!  You go every day for two weeks and then slowly your old habits start to take over and your daily steps are comprised of grabbing a snack and settling in on the couch to marathon watch your favourite show.  Then you tell yourself you’ll get back on the horse tomorrow and the guilt takes over.  Ugh.  Not ideal.
So why not try something new this year?  I am definitely stepping outside the box in 2017 and I’ve put together a few tips to help you succeed in your ambitions:


First rule about setting resolutions, is don’t set resolutions.  That’s right, I said it (insert clenched teeth emoji here).  Now before you judge my statement, you should know that I am a huge advocate of setting goals and have done so for years but new years resolutions get under my skin.  Why?  Think about it, how many people do you know that overindulge over the holidays because they are starting a new plan January 1st; or, how about the person that is sick of the present year and can’t wait for it to be over because the next year is going to be epic come January 1st.  Somehow we have justified not taking daily actions toward our dreams and goals because a new year is upon us.  We forget that every day is an opportunity to move in the direction we’d rather be in.


Go ahead, set some goals. Its great to have a target but what I find more important is being intentional with your day.  You aren’t going to get anywhere without taking action towards what you are trying to achieve.  For this, I set daily intentions.  So literally grab a piece of paper and write it down the first moment you wake up.  Or, if you aren’t old school like me, download Evernote, Simplenote or your app based note taker of choice and get your task list out of your head.


Life is meant to be an experience, an adventure.  So why beat yourself up if you miss the mark from time to time.  If you know what you want to achieve, you keep your eye on the result and take steps every day, it will come.  As you are steppin’ (ha ha), remember to stay flexible….you never know what obstacle or inspiration might change your path so don’t stress.  STRETCH.


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