REDAVID Orchid Oil Hair Product Review

Truth be told, I am a very low maintenance person.  I love my ponytails, easy make up and Lululemon pants most days.  As a blogger / influencer, I have found myself frequently dressing up, putting on a full face of makeup, and styling my hair, so the need for products that make my life easier are necessary.

In September, I travelled around the world to attend Fashion Week in New York, London, Milan, and Paris.  I was washing, drying, curling or flat ironing almost every day to attend shows, and shoot new content. ALMOST EVERY DAY! Do you know what that will do to a low maintenance girl? Not to mention the condition of her hair?

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Before I left, REDAVID gave me their REDAVID Orchid Oil Set that included: Orchid Oil Shampoo, Orchid Oil Conditioner, and Orchid Oil Treatment.  If it wasn’t for these products, I think I would have returned from fashion month with brittle, dry and very damaged hair!  Thanks to REDAVID, the condition of my hair was quite the opposite.  It was healthy, shiny, soft and fabulous! WINNING!

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Here’s what I love most about the REDAVID Orchid Oil Products

  1. Orchid Oil is a 7-in-1 ingredient that controls frizz, detangles, adds shine, makes hair soft and manageable, helps your hair retain moisture, will help with your styling efforts, and makes your hair stronger. For all my beauty lovers, who doesn’t need this??
  2. I could literally get by with these 4 products, hands down. From wash, to style.  I only needed the addition of hairspray / volumizing spray to complete my look.
  3. The Orchid Oil Treatment (my personal favourite, seen below) is an oil you put on DRY HAIR.  It makes your hair look very healthy without making it greasy, or heavy!
  4. BONUS: It smells fantastic. This is a big deal to me.
  5. Its a Vancouver based product, which I LOVE as a Vancouverite.

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I have been consistently using REDAVID Orchid Oil products on my hair for the last 2 months, and I am IN LOVE.  I was recently introduced to the Orchid Oil Dual Therapy which I am told is life changing.  It has a repair component that is perfect for damaged, or over processed hair, and I am excited to see what it does over the next few weeks.

REDAVID, hair, hair products, hair style, beauty, beauty products

REDAVID has given me a special discount code for my lucky readers to use on any REDAVID products. Time to head over to the REDAVID website, pick up the Orchid Oil products and get 10% off with  jeyla_loves10 at checkout.

If you have questions, do leave comments, and I will definitely answer them for you!  XO



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