A Total Transformation in 90 Days

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First, I want to start by saying that even though I am seeking a total transformation, I am so grateful for all that has come to pass in my life. All of the victories, lessons, joy, pain and life experiences have played a part in my journey and I accept and adore my life as a result of my ability to grow and expand through everything. My history has brought me to this moment, it has shaped who I am, but I am always seeking my best self.

Why a transformation? Why now?

WHY NOT! Like, actually. I am at a place in my life where I am seeking a drastic change and I am not willing to wait for something to happen. I want to make things happen. I truly believe that we are here to learn, grow, expand and teach. If I am not striving for that every day, then I am not living. I’ve also experienced some character building moments over the last several months and a lot of people around me seem to be overwhelmed and hungry for change. A need for self-care and self-acceptance.  I also want to kill the mis-conception that you can’t turn your life around, or in move in another direction in a short period of time.  There’s never going to be a “right” time to work on creating my best life, I’ve just decided that its my time.

Accepting my current state.

Generally speaking, I am a very positive, driven, uplifting human. I genuinely feel gratitude for my life.  I love the people that surround me,  I have my head on straight, and have a lot of incredible things happening for me.  Full transparency though? The last several months have been a bit of a cluster f%$# and quite frankly, I’m sick of it. My adrenals are a little pissy, my cortisol is messing with my body, my emotional state varies (usually as a result of something external) and I have had to put the strong girl panties on even when I don’t particularly want to (can you hear the small violin playing in background?) There have been moments in my life where particular situations have been catalysts for great change and I am definitely experiencing another shift. Its time to ride the wave, and start paving the way forward.

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A 90 Day Body, Mind, Soul, Career Transformation.

What I want to take on in the next 90 days will require a lot of mental focus, sacrifice, personal awareness/growth, and a lot of emphasis on getting clear about what I want.  This transformation starts with an unwavering decision to make change in the following areas:


Let me start by saying that I love the way I look and that has been a real process. Having been well over 200 lbs, I can relate to body conscious everything.  The low self-esteem, looking/feeling ugly, wearing baggy clothes to hide myself, having an unhealthy relationship with food and never feeling like the strides I had made were good enough.  I have come a LONG way since that time in my life.  Currently, I am 5’10, 165 lbs and 16% body fat.  I have fully embraced a very active, holistic lifestyle and have maintained a positive body image for some time which is why I am seeking a transformation. I want to push myself to see my toned, leanest self in a loving, nourishing way.  I also want to place a greater emphasis on what I am eating, how I take care of my stress levels, how I sleep etc. For an overall feeling of wellness.

My tools & partners:
  • I will be following the Bulletproof meal plan and working out with a personal trainer/nutritionist (my beautiful friend Crystal.)  Bulletproof is a lifestyle in which you are literally setting up your body for optimum performance (yes please.) This means better brain function, more sustained energy, vitality and clarity. I mean, who isn’t craving that right now!
  • I am self employed , work and travel A LOT, so it can often be challenging to eat enough, or cook for that matter. I have partnered with Fresh Prep as part of my transformation process to ensure I am nourishing my body without breaking the bank! Every week they deliver fresh, pre-prepped ingredients/recipes right to my door. I have noticed that I am eating healthier, am motivated to cook and don’t have to think about grocery shopping.  Its kind of like having a personal trainer for your fridge. You don’t have to think, you just do! Check them out and get 3 free meals with this link.

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Mind & Soul.

Your mind (what you think) and soul (who you are) is an enigma. Our life experience is formulated by our thoughts/beliefs which often don’t agree with our souls purpose (because a lot of what we think was taught to us by someone else.) This could explain the turbulence we feel as we stumble through life to “figure it all out.” My story has yet to be told in blog format; however, what I will tell you is that I come from very humble beginnings, with a lot of childhood trauma, abuse, and pain. It has taken me years of self development to bring me to such a beautiful place and it wasn’t easy. I struggled a lot, I failed a lot, but having come out of those challenges I feel like my life is a pretty remarkable example. I didn’t become a victim of my circumstances, I chose a different path and I am really proud of that. If you are brave enough to the tackle the mind and really connect to your soul, anything is truly possible.

As I am heading into this transition, I am digging deeper to become aware of who I am, what my patterns are, why I do the things I do. I ultimately want learn how to master my emotions/thoughts. To take my life to the next level. At a spring barre event at The Dailey Method, I met an incredible woman, Dr. Divi Chadna.  She had given a small talk on spring cleaning for the mind and I instantly felt that Dr. Divi had a different approach to life awareness, how it relates to the body and how to get passed roadblocks!

Needless to say, I was sitting with Divi at my first session earlier this month and I was floored by my first experience. A couple of things, her approach is not counselling, or traditional coaching. She uses a high level of intuition to bridge the gap between your sub conscious and conscious mind to facilitate deep, personal healing.  She guides you through the process of removing blocks that might be impeding you from your best self.  Cool right?  I had been asking the universe to bring exceptional healers into my life and I knew Divi was one of them when I met her. (Divine timing at its finest.) She will be a part of my 90 day transformation of my mind/soul and I can’t wait to share my experience with you.

You can learn more about Divi, by visiting her website.  She holds workshops, personal sessions and has her very own coaching program to teach you how to do what she does. If you are interested, I recommend you book a session with her. Experience the magic first hand:  www.drdivi.com

Dr. Divi Chadna, Coaching, Life Coach, Vancouver

Career Transformation.

It has been just over 2 years since I made the leap into the entrepreneurial/freelancer realm. Doing the unthinkable. Leaving my extremely stable, high paying career that had exceptional benefits, 6 weeks of vacation, matched RRSPs and a pension plan! Somehow, I had landed myself what most people call “the dream job.” I found myself acquiring things, saving money, traveling and in a place of great stability, but I wasn’t happy. Not even a little. Having grown up with no money, in a household where the daily messages were: “you will never amount to anything,” “that’s not possible,” “go ahead and try, its not going to happen,” I could see how the quest for this type of life was something I attracted. Growing up in an often unstable environment cause a lot of discomfort/pain so naturally I thought stability would equal happiness. I was wrong. Happiness = happiness, but we have to experience all sorts of things to find out what makes us happy.

Life over the last few years has been exhilarating to say the least. I don’t make nearly as much money as I used to, but I have been able to build an extraordinary life that has take me around the world, has given me access to exclusive opportunities and connected me to some amazing people.  When I set out on this mission to freelance I wanted to demonstrate that you don’t have to seek traditional means to have the life of your dreams.  The truth is, a lot of my dreams are coming true, but I have lacked that razor sharp vision and placing full focus on expanding my platform and purpose. I want to take it to the next level over the next 90 days. So here is what I will be working on:

  • I don’t want to be “self employed,” I want to be an entrepreneur which requires my money to be working for me when I sleep so I can really be free to choose where I place my time and energy. To support this, I will be looking for passive income opportunities.
  • Creating more video content (hello YouTube, bye bye social life lol.) To document this process, but also to connect to people on a deeper level.
  • I plan to host a wellness retreat in the fall to help people through some of their own personal barriers and to give others the opportunity to learn how to design their life. Think personal growth, personal branding, relaxation/mediation/yoga, empowerment, fitness and delicious food! If you follow me regularly, or know me personally, you will know that a lot of my content has a life / inspiration component. That is very much who I am.  Part of my adventure is to enhance that part of myself so I can help people move through their own barriers. If you are interested in a life change, send me an email or DM on Instagram for more information.
  • Get explicitly clear on what i’d like to achieve in the next 6 months. I do a Vlog on this so you can see my process.

Transformation outlined, what now?

I am so ready for this. It seems like a tall order, but even if I reach for all of it and achieve 80% of it, I will have improved by 80%. That in and of itself would be remarkable. I will be documenting via Instagram, Blog and YouTube so you can see what I get up to. If you are looking for a transformation yourself, reach out. Communities that are on the same path often get there faster, accountability is a beautiful thing. I welcome the change makers!

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